Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Tired Priest Scribbles........

We have had a very long day today: I'm quite tired and still have some stuff to look over for tomorrow's recording sessions.  We started the season, so the worst is over: we are into it.   The members of production team are very professional and helpful, so we are being well looked after.  Our producer is happy with today's work, so that's good.  The staff in the dining room are wonderful: lovely Rosie who has fed us every time we come here is as happy and genteel as ever.  There is a new chef, Hernandez, and boy he is good: we won't starve.

The new season is called Forgotten Heritage: Europe and Her Saints.  We start with the six patrons of Europe, and then devote ten other programmes to notable European Saints. Not all the important ones are there: in order to ensure that most areas of human life are represented we had to leave some out. We hope viewers will find the new season interesting.

We had dinner with Fr Mitch Pacwa  (always a pleasure) and he gave us some wonderful insights into a number of contemporary issues.  We will be his guests on his weekly live television show on Wednesday evening (7pm US Central time), so if you have nothing else to do, switch on.

A quick surf around the net reveals some very good stories: the Council of Europe has ruled that euthanasia should remain illegal throughout Europe: that is a wonderful judgement, and it may effect the practice in Switzerland and Holland. Hopefully they will have to close shop.  

According to the latest count 93 US bishops have spoken out against Obama's bill: that too is good. Will it stop Obama's plans?  We shall see.  For my American readers, here is a petition calling for Obama to rescind the HHS mandate.
An interesting story from Ireland: the ACP are seeking to help nuns who have been wrongly accused.  This short article relates how innocent sisters are being forced to admit to abuse they never actually committed. That is no surprise - false allegations have been made about innocent parties, and unfortunately, given the current climate, it is easier for superiors to go with the allegation rather than challenge it.  I have little time for the ACP, but they are right in what they are trying to do here, and they deserve credit for that.  In fact, they are doing what others should have done long ago. 

Fr Barron has some interesting things to say about Obama's attack on religious freedom: there are a few points worth noting as we observe the way things are going in Ireland.

Back to work, and then beddie byes!  Night, night!


  1. Well to be accurate the Council of Europe hasn't "ruled" on anything and there is no "judgment". It was a vote of the Parliamentary Assembly and about as worthwhile as their previous votes demanding we all bring in abortion laws.

  2. The Council of Europe resolution, with the explicit denunciation of intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent person, in the context of "living wills", is to be very much welcomed. Such resolutions help set the standard for human rights among its Member States (and often beyond).

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