Monday, January 23, 2012

Of Governments And Demons

The Villa Spada, the former Irish embassy to the Holy See

Further to my post below on the Irish public's dissatisfaction with the government's decision to close the Irish embassy to the Holy See, it seems that a number of TDs (members of parliament) and senators share the public's concern. 

Last week I was told that a large number of TDs and senators turned up at a protest in Buswell's Hotel, just across the road from Leinster House (the parliament building), the Ireland Stand Up campaign.  Michael Kelly in an article for Catholic World Report, says that 82 of them made it their business to attend, including, I believe, the Leader of the Opposition, Micheal Martin. 

Another interesting piece of information provided by Kelly is that, so far, the government has received 96,000 postcards protesting the closure.  I wonder how that will translate into votes?  I'm sure the government parties have already worked that one out.  But, I suppose, given that they have an absolute majority and, saving any mass protest by backbenchers, which is unlikely, the government will run for a full term, so the will of the people is of no consequence on this matter.  They will probably hope the issue will go away.

On another issue, Steven Greydanus has a very good review of the new exorcism movie gracing our screens: The Devil Inside.  I am afraid it does not get good reviews, and it seems it is another opportunity for film makers to bash the Church, but this time from the extreme traditionalist side, which I suppose is a novelty. The Rite, which starred our own Colin O'Donoghue, gets a favourable mention in the review.  Which reminds me I must see if I can persuade the Film Club in Dublin to show The Rite some evening, perhaps we might get a guest exorcist in for the talk and he can scan the crowd for potential clients!  I joke, as usual!!

UPDATE:  Can we hope for a revolt within Fine Gael which may force Enda Kenny to do a u-turn with regard to the embassy?  I hope so. 

I see one suggestion being made by a Fine Gael TD is that the two embassies could share the Villa Spada.  Having been in it a few times when living in Rome, I do not think that would be practical - it may be too small.  I presume if a u-turn is on the cards, the ambassador to the Holy See and his office will probably take up residence in an apartment near the Vatican City State. 

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  1. Even Michael Kelly is back-pedalling on that made-up figure of 96,000 postcards!