Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He Has A Dream

If you are liable to lose your cool or suffer from blood pressure when the issue of abortion is raised, do not follow the link or read this.  

Yesterday Barack Obama celebrated the anniversary of the Roe v Wade judgement by proclaiming that abortion is the way that "our daughters" may have the chance of fulfilling their dreams.  See an article reporting on his speech here

I would like to ask this gentleman a few questions on this: which daughters is he referring to?  The ones who were lucky enough to get the chance to live?  Or the millions of little girls who are being aborted because they are not little boys?  Is he talking about white daughters or black daughters?  Because when it comes to little black girls they are being murdered more often than little white girls in the abortion clinics of the United States. 

He says that this anniversary is the chance to recognise the "fundamental constitutional right" to abortion.  The right to kill the unborn child?  God save us from such a horror!  And God save us from people who promote such an inhuman atrocity.

As I was reading this article, another black American came to mind: another who spoke about dreams - the dreams of the daughters and sons of America - the Rev. Martin Luther King.  I do not think the dream that good minister had for the children of America is the same one the first black president has.  One man spoke of life and the utmost respect which is due to life, which is sacred; the other speaks of destroying it for convenience and selfishness. 

We must pray and make sacrifices so Obama's dream may never come true. 

Prayer to the Holy Innocents

O Blessed Martyrs,
sweet Children of Bethlehem,
as you laid down your lives for Christ
before you ever knew him,
help us to lay down our lives in love for him,
that we may serve, praise and glorify him all our days.

Hear our prayers, O Holy Innocents,
for those who have perished through the crime of abortion,
as they were deprived of life here on earth
may our Merciful Father grant them life eternal in heaven.

Intercede that those who carry out, promote and legislate
for the death of the innocents of today
may come to see the truth of what they are doing
and turn away from this evil.

Bless those mothers who are under pressure to abort their children;
those who are in distress, console them,
those in financial need, assist them,
those who are weak and wavering, strengthen them;

and for those who have yielded
gently come to them
and remind them of God's loving mercy
which wipes away all sin
and soothes all wounds
and restores peace in our hearts.

O Holy Innocents, pray for us.

UPDATE:  See Fr Z's blog for a related article on Obama and his agenda.  Seems the National Catholic Reporter (affectionately known as the NC Fishwrap) is blaming the bishops for such a narrow definition of conscience.   Typical "progressive" (sic) stuff: conscience is not the voice of God, but rather what I think myself at any given moment regardless of what is right or wrong.  I suppose they are quoting Blessed John Henry Newman to support their flawed ideas - sure sign that they have never actually read The Letter to the Duke of Norfolk, or if they did they did so with blinkers on. 

And talking about blinkers on, read Patrick Madrid's recent offering.  At first you'll scratch your head and say "Never", but then again, think about it: in the age we live in all things are possible: who would ever have thought that we would be killing our young with the full blessing of governments and even with the support of some Christian denominations.

For a more uplifting read, see Archbishop Chaput's talk at the Cardinal O'Connor Conference on Life a couple of days ago: a wonderful piece of writing with a lot of wisdom and hope.  An excellent analysis of evil: 
"My point is this:  Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak.  When it gains the upper hand, its vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent, because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it.  So it always has been.  So it always will be.  And America has no special immunity to becoming an enemy of its own founding beliefs about human freedom, human dignity, the limited power of the state, and the sovereignty of God."
You can replace "America" with Ireland or any other country - no state has immunity.


  1. Given this speech and Obama's decision to enforce the anti-life aspects of his health care plan on the Catholic Church, it is time for the Catholics of the USA regardless of whether they are Republican or Democrate, to vote against him. A second term for this awful man would increase the persecution of the Church in the US. Time the bishops of the US woke up to this. Any chance Notre Dame will take back the doctorate they gave him? Probably not, Jenkins and co are worshipping the very ground Obama walks on - time the bishops of the US woke up to that too.

  2. Meanwhile the Obama administration and the Media totally ignored nearly half a million people marching on Capitol Hill against the horrors unleashed by Roe v Wade.

  3. As expected, Lynda, as expected. The only way to keep abortion legal is to spread a lot of denial

  4. Quote by MLK

    How can the “Dream” survive if we murder the children?

    From Brian in Alabama