Thursday, January 19, 2012

Foundation Day: Fifth Anniversary

Today the Fraternity celebrates the fifth anniversary of its foundation.  Holy Mass will be offered for all our members and their intentions.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and dedication.  May St Genesius with whom you intercede for the needs of the men and women of the theatrical and cinematic arts, watch over you, bless you and intercede for your needs and intentions.

In the five years we have spread throughout the world to fifteen countries - just a couple of week ago we got our first member from Korea.     There is more work to do, and at this stage we are struggling to keep up!  I suppose that can only be a good thing.

Among the celebrations for our fifth year will be a pilgrimage to Rome to the tomb of St Genesius (see link above); a Mass in Corpus Christi Church in London on the 8th March - it was in that church that the Fraternity was "born" - where the inspiration came; and of course the big event of the year, the feast of St Genesius on the 25th August - it is a Saturday this year, so that should make it easier for people around the country to come: put the date in your diary!  Members, friends, or those who just pop over to look at this blog - you are all welcome to the feast day Mass and reception afterwards.  More about that anon.   In the meantime................

A happy anniversary to you all!

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