Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Final Straw?

If there is one image which Americans love to use about their country it has to be "the land of the free" - it is an image enshrined in their National Anthem, and it sums up the aspirations which those going into politics bring with them as they seek to govern the vast federal entity which is the United States of America.

Well, many Americans are finally waking up to the realisation that their land is not as free as it is made out to be and those entrusted with protecting this freedom are the very ones engaged in wiping out their citizen's liberties. 

I am referring to President Obama's ultimatum to Catholics to get ready to violate their consciences (if I may quote Archbishop Timothy Dolan) as he will force them to accept his will as regards health care plans and their inclusion of contraception, abortifacients, and sterilisation.  And to tie it all up neatly, it is a Catholic in his administration, Kathleen Sebelius, who will enforce it. 

There is alot of reaction to it, and you have probably read alot about it, but there are a few good articles/posts.  The Catholic Herald, and Gateway Pundit which has a video of Archbishop Dolan's reaction.

I see a few of Obama's Catholic supporters are stunned.  Sr Carol Keehan, who supported him and even recieved a gift of one of the pens he used in his inauguration, is against the decision - I hope this is a sign she will have a change of heart.  And Cardinal Mahoney, emeritus Archbishop of LA, is also appalled.

Well, Catholics have one year to get ready for the forced imposition of Obama's plan.  Given the ideological nature of this president and his administration I do not think the decision will be reversed. So there is only one thing that can stop it: consolidating the Catholic vote against Obama in the November election, get him out and put in a pro-life president who will respect freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, and reverse the bill. 

And then it may be time for the Ordinaries of Ms Sebelius and the other Catholics in Obama's crew who have been consistent in attacking the faith,  to do what they should have done a few years ago...


  1. Funny how Sr Carol Keehan is stunned. When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. And when you make a pact with Satan, don't be surprised if he stabs you in the back.

  2. Catholics and all people of goodwill, who recognise the natural moral order are bound to disobey this invalid law which would have them cooperate with intrinsic evil. As for "Sister" Carol Keehan, I don't believe for one moment that she is "stunned". It is much more likely, given her long-time and earnest efforts to destroy moral (or Catholic) medicine and nursing, that she is playing politics as usual. She is a hard-nosed left-wing ideologue who has for many years, publicly, and with great vehemence, renounced the Catholic faith and the Natural Law, as applied in the moral sphere. I pray she converts.