Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Media Hypocrisy

When a political party imposes the whip, there are no problems - members of parliament must, and generally do, follow the party line even if it goes against their personal beliefs: the media has no problem with that.

When a newspaper makes sure its journalists follow the ideological leaning of the paper - or its owners, the staff generally go along with that and ensure the "ethos" of the journal is preserved;  media has no problem with that.

When left-wing universities demand allegiance from its staff and end the contracts of those who resist the ideology of Marxism and Socialism, the incidents are usually covered up and the veneer of academic harmony and liberty is given a second coat of varnish; again, the media has no problem with that.

When the Catholic Church demands obedience of its priests and requires them to support publicly the very teaching they swore to uphold as they were ordained, then the media has a problem with that.

Archbishop Nienstedt of Minnesota is feeling the whack of the secular crosier as he exercises his God-given right as Bishop and pastor of his people to ensure his clergy support the Church's efforts to resist the destruction of marriage.  Some of his priests are resisting, and all but one of these are hiding behind anonymity as they complain to the press.   As for the one who is publicly defying his Bishop, and in this case also the teaching of the Church, he has been warned that if he continues he will be suspended - correct and right procedure, and media are furious.

What hypocrisy from the media!  We must pray for Archbishop Nienstedt: he is fulfilling his office as pastor of the flock and suffering for it - may the Lord bless him in his efforts.   Do we have another Ambrose here? I hope so, and I hope we will have many more!  Let us also pray for those priests who are failing to fulfill the promises of their ordination in teaching and upholding the Catholic faith in its fullness.

Related to the above item, I draw your attention to the homily Cardinal-designate, Archbishop Dolan of New York gave in St Patrick's on Sunday - he takes on the sexualised culture of our time.   I think we have an Ambrose here!  Report on the homily here.  His blog is here, well worth following.

And other interesting news: it seems the Anglicans have set up a "reverse Ordinariate" to receive Catholics who wish to enter the Anglican communion.  The reverse ordinariate is the brainchild of the Anglican Church of Peru, taking the inspiration from Pope Benedict.  It seems a Catholic bishop, three priests and their parishioners are going over.   The idea is a little different, however: their ordinariate is a temporary arrangement to allow reflection on both sides before the bishop, priests and people enter into full communion with the Anglican ecclesial community.

Well, good luck to them, hope they're happy. We might see the idea catch on in other Anglican dioceses.


  1. Amen, amen!

    The Church needs, at long last, to man up in the collective personages of its bishops. We need to manfully and forcefully, with the courage and strength of the Lion of Judah, face up to the enemies of Holy Mother Church. The salvation of souls and the triumph of the Church Militant demands this. No more hand-wringing or softly softly nonsense. We've seen, have we not, where that got us in the last 40 years? No vocations, no holiness, and a Catholic population which is as immoral as the general population. Wait a minute, they ARE the general population. Well, at least half the general population.

  2. Check out this web page - the rules of the "Palmarian church":