Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nail On The Head....

Two great pieces for you, detailing bias in the media and the attitude of liberal secularists to Christians.

Mgr Charles Pope has a marvellous article on his blog reflecting on how we Christians are branded intolerant and bigoted while our accusers, who are imposing their agenda on society and trying to force us to accept it, see themselves as "victims".  This article is a must read.

The second is Marc Coleman's radio show on Newstalk, which I was listening to last evening.  He explores the media bias in Ireland and wonders why Irish journalists home in relentlessly on the usual suspects, the Catholic Church among them, but ignore others.  Again, this is well worth listening to (Tuesday Parts 1 and 2). 

An interesting fact Marc discusses is the "infiltration" of RTE, the national broadcaster, by the Workers' Party.  To those who are not familiar with Irish politics, the Workers Party was originally part of Sinn Fein, whom you all know.  They are extremely left wing - Marc calls them "Stalinist" in the programme, and they had links to some of the most tyrannical communist regimes - communist Poland and North Korea among them. 

While, at their best, they never had more than 2% of the electorate behind them, there are/were a large number of Workers' Party people working in RTE, hence the organisation's left-wing position and hostility to the Catholic Church: the WP hates the Catholic Church. 

Interestingly, former members of the Workers' Party are now members of the present government.  Our present Minister for Foreign Affairs, Eamon Gilmore, was affiliated to the Workers' Party when the organisation was known as Official Sinn Fein.  Mr Gilmore is the one responsible for closing the Irish embassy to the Holy See.

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  1. We need to call these commies out. I once, very firmly, told some worker's party boys that I would NOT be voting for them. I very firmly told them that I cannot support those who would destroy the unborn child. This was in Northern Ireland, at the last elections we had (in 2011, I think).

    I suggest people ditch their TVs. Only when these bad boys stop getting our Catholic money can we start to have a real impact. You can watch RTE free online, as well as BBC and EWTN too. And stop buying their newspapers. Support only solid, Catholic newspapers. For as long as the Catholic pound is mixed with theirs, we can't complain.