Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Inconvenient Pattern

A quick post in the midst of our prep.  I was scanning the net for my daily fix of news when I discovered this interesting article on global warming; it's in The Telegraph online.

James Delingpole is musing over the recent figures released from climate experts (released discreetly it seems) that cast more doubt over the possibility of global warming.  It seems, according to the figures, global warming stopped 15 years ago, and it seems the earth's temperatures are falling.  We might, David Rose of The Mail on Sunday suggests, be heading for another mini ice age!

Perish the thought, my beloved Greenies: global warming is as true as overpopulation and the Y2K bug which threatened to down planes at Midnight 1999-2000 AD, sorry CE.  Of course it has been noted that the term "Global Warming" has been abandoned quietly in favour of "Climate Change" - just as "safe sex" with a condom became "safer sex" ie "well, actually, we can't guarantee you won't get AIDS, but you might be a little safer (teensie weensie bit saf-er) with our special priced condoms".

See a pattern here?  The usual suspects are getting caught out - their dire predictions are not coming true; their quick and easy solutions are not working - in fact they are making problems worse. That is why they are starting to get tyrannical.  They can no longer persuade, nor fool the people - their opponents are being proved right.  Now is the time to take out the opponents so the only side the general populace get to hear is theirs - the "new orthodoxy".  That is why the Catholic Church is such an enemy - she has been around so long she can smell a rat as soon as it appears.   That might explain Obama's course of action: use might, power and force to push the agenda through - to hell with the people. 

We shall keep an eye on such developments.  In the meantime, if all this global warming stuff is nonsense, will Al Gore have to give back his Nobel Peace Prize?  Nah - his story fits the views of the committee, why let a little inconvenient truth get in the way?

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