Monday, April 22, 2013

Santo Subito

Andrea Tornelli, always a reliable reporter in Vatican affairs has reported that the doctors at the Congregation of the Causes of Saints have described a healing attributed to Blessed John Paul II as "inexplicable".   
The findings will now be submitted to the panel of theologians and if they agree, then to the cardinals, and if they agree then the case will be presented to Pope Francis, and if he agrees and issues a decree of a miracle, the way is clear for Pope John Paul's canonisation.  Tornelli suggests that the canonisation could be as early as October!  Indeed one article says that the date will be the 20th October.
Now I would be cautious as regards this timeline.  Even if the alleged miracle makes its way quickly through the theologians and cardinals, and Pope Francis promulgates the decree, I would imagine the organisation of what will probably be the biggest canonisation ceremony in the history of the Church will need some time to organise.  For one thing the poor Vatican workers will have to face yet another huge event in a year that has, so far, been most stressful for them. 
That said there are some in the Church, cardinals included, who want to see the process end quickly, not because of a desire to see John Paul canonised, but because they are tired of the popular devotion that surrounds him.  Well let's hope that devotion grows. And indeed I, among others, would hope that as JP2 clears the canonisation process, the process to have him declared a Doctor of the Church will begin.

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