Friday, April 12, 2013

A Timely Lesson From Pope Francis

I am somewhat disturbed by the reaction of some people to the death of Margaret Thatcher.  The sight of people rejoicing in another person's death is awful.  Surely if we are civilised we act with more decorum and respect.  Even if we do not like the person or agree with their policies, it is still the right thing to observe some respect for the deceased and their bereaved family.  
I am reading a biography of Pope Francis at the moment, and he offers us a good example in this regard.  When the former President of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, died - a man who opposed and frustrated the then Archbishop's attempts to protect and draw attention to the plight of the poor, Cardinal Bergoglio said:
The people should let go of any antagonism they have when faced with the death of the man who was anointed by the people to lead the country, and the whole country should pray for him...
It would be a sign of ingratitude if this nation's people did not come together to pray for this man who took up, heart and soul, the task of uniting people who had asked him to lead them. 
A gracious gesture, one the critics of the late Lady Thatcher should note and imitate.

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