Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Abortion Bill Approved by Cabinet

After a marathon cabinet meeting our government has approved the long expected abortion bill, dubbing it the "Maternal Life" bill.   The announcement was made at about 8pm this evening.  It will provide for abortion if there is a threat of suicide.  The door to abortion on demand has been unlocked.
According to sources a team of six doctors must approve the killing of the baby before it goes ahead. So far there is no indication as to a time limit - the problem with the X-case judgement is that there is no limit.  Some commentators have said that if abortion is not permitted up to birth it will be unconstitutional in the context of the X-case.  We shall see.  The Taoiseach hopes the legislation will be enacted by the summer recess, but he wants everyone to be patient and to read the legislation and then, I presume, agree with him.
Here are some reports, all from pro-abortion sources: The Irish Times and RTE.  We await reactions from pro-life groups.
The bill now begins its passage through the various stages and readings and will, they hope, end up on the President's desk for signing. 
Let's hope our TDs and senators will now stand up for life.  We will have to come in behind our pro-life representatives and encourage them.  The Taoiseach has said that he will not permit any dissent - all Fine Gael TDs and senators must support the bill and the whip will be firmly in place. That means those TDs ans senators who believe in the sanctity of life will have to defy the whip and that will take courage.   Let's hope Fianna Fail TDs and senators are of like mind with the grassroots members of the party who overwhelmingly voted against abortion at the weekend. 
One of the issues we as the Church must face now is the standing of Catholic ministers in the cabinet.  In approving this bill, are they now to be excluded from the Eucharist should they present themselves?  Clarity is now required from the bishops on this.
To be honest, it all feels very strange.  To be blunt, our government have now reintroduced the death penalty, but now it is not for committing a crime, it is for simply being conceived in the wrong womb.  Those who for go for trial have a jury of twelve - the Irish unborn will only have a jury of six, and if ethical doctors and psychiatrists want nothing to do with this legislation, will the government appoint its own creatures, pro-abortion medics, to make the decision as to whether a child lives or dies?
Time to pray!   Our Lady of Life, Queen of Ireland, pray for us.  Blessed John Paul II, Venerable Paul VI, pray for us!
UPDATE: The title of the bill has been changed to the "Protection of Life during Pregnancy" bill. Ironic?  Grotesque?  Demonic humour? 

UPDATE 2:  It seems, according to discussions going on, that only pro-abortion doctors will be on the panels.   Given that the IMO and psychiatrists are opposed to this, what are the chances that they strike off any doctors who approve an abortion?

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