Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Feast Day, Holy Father!


Today, the feast of St George, is Pope Francis's nameday, and so is a public holiday in the Vatican City State.  St George the martyr, around whom all sorts of legends have grown up, died for the faith in Nicomedia, modern Turkey, around the year 303 during the persecution of Diocletian.  He was a soldier who refused to worship the Roman gods.
While we can discount the story of St George and the dragon - it is pure myth, we can see it as a symbolic representation of the faithful Christian who overcomes the power of evil by recourse to Christ.  
We pray St George may watch over and bless our Holy Father as he carries out his Petrine Ministry.  And let me wish all our Fraternity members in England of which St George is patron, a very happy feast day.


  1. Happy Feast Day to our Holy Father. Our Papal Nuncio Archbishop Brown was at Knock Shrine for the first Pilgrimage of the Apostolate for Perpetual Adoration. They had a great day and a massive crowd which was wonderful to hear. The Papal Nuncio's homily is very inspiring and can be found on the Irish Bishops website or my own blog 'The Eucharist - Jesus is with us'. God bless you Father.

  2. “It is not possible to find Jesus outside the Church”-Pope Francis

    Pope celebrates his saint's day with cardinals: 'absurd' to look for Jesus without the Church

    Is Lumen Gentium 14 and Lumen Gentium 16 really an exception to Pope Francis' statement ?

    Fr.John Zuhlsdorf does not respond once again

    Fr.John Zuhlsdorf does not know how to handle a comment on Lumen Gentium 15