Friday, April 12, 2013

Into Great Silence

Two stories.  Two different responses by the media. 
First Story: Savita inquest in Galway - saturation coverage by the Irish media, although it is selective coverage - a sad tale of what may well be mismanagement and perhaps even medical neglect seized upon to become the great white hope for the abortion movement in Ireland. 
Second story: the Dr Kermot Gosnell trial - an abortionist who carried out the most grotesque procedures in the service of the pro-choice movement, and is now on trial for the murder of post-natal babies delivered as part of the abortion procedure.  Media coverage: almost zilch.  Indeed the press section in the courtroom is deserted (see photograph above).   If you are looking for a good summary of the case, here is one.   The details are awful, but in reality they reveal what abortion is - cloak it in nice, PC language all you like, but get down to the nitty-gritty and you'll see that abortion is brutal, inhuman and violent.    Gosnell's crimes sound like those committed by some of the world's most notorious serial killers, but in reality this happens in every abortion clinic around the world - Gosnell just happens to be more committed to the job than some and does it right up to birth, just as those who seek abortion rights want. 
Why the media silence?  There are many reasons, but I think one of them is because Gosnell is the creature of the pro-choice movement, fulfilling their desires, and now that the dirty little secret is being exposed their allies in the media engage in a cover-up.  They can't stop the trial, but by gum they'll make sure no one hears about it.  Once again the secular media apply the "mushroom principle".
Holocaust deniers are some of the most deluded people on earth - despite all the historical evidence, they still maintain that the mass extermination of Jews did not happen.  The secular world and media are scathing of such people, and yet they engage in denial themselves.  They deny that the child in the womb is human.  They deny that abortion is evil.  They deny that it is a brutal, violent and painful procedure.  They deny that it destroys women.  They deny that it destroys stable societies.  They deny that it ultimately destroys our humanity.  And then they deny that those who tell the truth about abortion are telling the truth, they deny that we are sane, deny that we are compassionate, deny that we seek to help those with crisis pregnancies.  
Just look at Kermit Gosnell's trophies, where the remains of his victims are pickled in  jars, and then ask yourself who is in denial: those who seek to defend human life and the humanity of the unborn child, or those who think abortion is the compassionate response to a difficult situation?
And in the midst of this, there are those in Ireland who think we need to enshrine this "compassionate response" in Irish law.   Yes, do so, and turn this island into a house of horrors.  I think we have seen too much bloodshed on this island, let's not add our unborn babies to the list of those who perished in the name of so-called "freedom".

That said, we must pray.  Pray not only for the little ones who are killed and the women who are destroyed, but also for Dr Gosnell that he may repent of his crimes, if he has not done so yet, and for all involved in this crime against humanity.  May the light of truth break through the denial, the greed, the blindness and bring them to repentance.  And may the Lord be merciful to them and to us all.

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