Monday, April 22, 2013

"Getting it Across The Line"

Every pregnancy has a face: it is the face of a child.
This was the phrase a journalist used on Newstalk radio today, the "it" being abortion legislation.  He was asking a pro-abortion senator, Prof. John Crown, what the government needs to do to get abortion legislation across the line.  Given the nature of the conversation it was obvious, in my view, that the journalist was not objective, but a supporter of abortion and keen to see the procedure legalised.  But then none of us are surprised at that: as we all know the mainstream media are no longer observers, but avid participants in what can only be described as a propaganda campaign to desensitise the Irish people and ensure the first step towards abortion on demand is taken in our parliament before the summer recess.  A step that will be taken, our Taoiseach promised just a hour or so ago in an interview.
All of this is happening as the Kermit Gosnell trial is taking place in the US and the horrors of abortion are being exposed in courtroom, but, again as we know, it is being ignored by the mainstream media for fear people see the reality of the holocaust which is taking place in the abortion clinics of the world.   
One of the most interesting periods in European history, I think, is the pre-war period 1930-1939, particularly in Germany.   One of the questions that has often been asked is: how could an entire population be fooled into voting for the National Socialist Party?  How could the people of Germany, and then Austria, give their support to an ideology that demonised a whole race of people?  The same question could be asked of the US in the early decades of the 20th century as black men and women were considered the property of the whites and were discriminated against.
Well, to be honest, I get a sense of what it must have been like as I reflect on what is happening in Ireland in the last few months.  Government, media and pro-abortion groups, in what seems like a grand coalition, have created an ideological climate in which the unborn child's humanity has been denied and compassion re-figured to allow the "termination" of unborn life as the only rational response to a perceived threat to a woman's life.   It is a stifling climate where the pro-life view has been well and truly excluded from any meaningful public discourse, and those on the airwaves exude an attitude that abortion is logical, normal, compassionate and just: indeed no one could possibly question it or object to it.
As I stand back at look at this I can see how all opposition has been squeezed out, silenced, demonised.  And in the midst of it there is not one mention, not one nod, to the humanity of the child in the womb - in all the discussions in the media the child is missing, he or she does not exist.  It is extraordinary to see how a human life can be erased so effectively from public discourse and from view.  And that is what frightens me most of all: the utter airbrushing of the other, of the child.  This is what it must have been like in Germany as National Socialists denied the humanity of the Jewish people and then eventually began to airbrush them out of society and out of public view in to the gas chambers. 
Bernard Nathanson, the abortion doctor who became pro-life and one of the greatest advocates of the humanity of the unborn child, once said that when people begin to talk about personhood, denying it to others, then a holocaust always follows.  That is what is happening here in Ireland: as pro-abortion politicians and journalists seek to deny that a person exists in the womb, what will follow will be a holocaust.   Of course the pro-abortion people deny this.  Prof. John Crown in the interview I mentioned above said that he gets upset when people say the floodgates will open: he believes they will not. Well we need only look at the experience of other countries to see that limited abortion always leads to a more liberal abortion regime.  This is only the beginning, and the pro-abortion coalition knows this. 

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