Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Week of Revelations


Things are gathering apace in Ireland when it comes to abortion.  After our doctors and psychiatrists refuse to have anything to do with the legislation, a Lila Rose type sting catches two Labour TDs on tape admitting that the forthcoming legislation is only the first step towards abortion on demand.  Nothing new there, I know, but given that our TDs have denied, hand on heart, that there is any intention to make abortion more widely available, they have been caught out.  But we are assured this exposure of the real agenda will not stop the process.  Congratulations to the Irish Independent which covered the story.  At last a mainstream paper that is not completely ruled by the pro-abortion lobby. There are a number of issues which cause concern in the opinions of these two Labour TDs, but one worth looking at: Aodhan O'Riordan was once the principal of a Catholic school! 
One of the revelations in this sting concerned the so-called "Expert Group".  It seems from what was said this group was nothing more than a stunt to ease the consciences of Fine Gael TDs who feared voting for abortion in opposition to their pro-life constituents.  That the expert group was a sham was well known, but that it was to help the Taoiseach whip his TDs into line is indeed a revelation.  Machiavelli has nothing on some of these guys!

Another interesting point to note: in the last election when Irish journalist and director of the Iona Institute, David Quinn said that a vote for labour was a vote for abortion, he was castigated by Labour members, including the man who is now our President.  Quinn was correct, as is obvious from these tapes and Labour's own manifesto, but as of yet no apology has been offered and our President has withdraw into a constitutional silence.

Meanwhile some TDs are now insisting that they will not support abortion legislation.  Lucinda Creighton, who admitted that she was once a pro-abortion advocate, is now an avid supporter of the pro-life cause and she is challenging her own party leader.  She wrote a blog post over the weekend which is worth reading.  She is to be congratulated for her stance for the cause of life.  We must keep her in our prayers.  Another Fine Gael TD, Brian Walsh, has announced that he will refuse to support the bill.  As has become the norm, he is being abused by the pro-abortion brigade and hauled across the coals in the mainstream media here which is pro-abortion.
The proposed legislation is to go before cabinet today.  How the government can continue with this after the health professionals of Ireland have rejected the whole project I do not know.  But I presume blind ideology trumps reality and medical knowledge.  But then again that is the pattern with pro-abortion advocates - they seek the death of what is most obviously a child, and with their hands over their eyes they speak of termination, tissue and compassion.  There are none so blind as those who will not see...
But for those who want to know the truth, some more revelations from Lila Rose. Her undercover work has led her to expose the reality of late term abortion in the US, and as we all know it is no different from what Kermit Gosnell was doing.  You may have seen the videos, but if not here they are.  Be prepared to be shocked: these abortion providers know that they are killing children, they do not hide it, they just get on with it.  Here is the Brooklyn tape, followed by the Washington tape. 

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