Saturday, April 6, 2013

Doctors Say Yes To Life

The struggle for life suddenly turned another corner in the last day or so.  At their annual conference the Irish Medical Organisation - the professional organisation which governs the Republic's doctors, have voted to reject the government's plans to legislate for abortion.   A wonderful decision.  Given that they work at the coal face, doctors know the truth of medical situations and know that abortion is never necessary to save a woman's life.  Now not all at the conference voted in favour, a significant minority voted to support the abortion legislation.  That is troubling.
But the IMO's decision is now troubling for the government.  In response to the organisation's decision, the government has stated that it will go ahead and introduce abortion: but the question is - who will do the procedure?  I presume, and I would like to be corrected if I am wrong, if a doctor affiliated to the IMO carries out an abortion he or she will be struck off for malpractice.  If this is the case, how will the government prevent it?
It seems to me that the government may well have to include in the legislation a requirement for doctors to perform abortions when asked, thus outlawing the IMO's position and doing away with freedom of conscience.  Indeed I had heard that this may well have been part of the government's plans from the start.   In other words, our government may well have to force the medical profession to capitulate.  Unless of course it can persuade the IMO to change its mind, or indeed establish an alternative organisation to which pro-abortion doctors can affiliate.   Either way, I fear we may be facing a very worrying situation not only for unborn children, but also for basic freedom in Ireland.   We must pray for our doctors that they will have the courage to stand up to any pressure to concede that innocent human life can be sacrificed for an inhuman ideology.  And let us pray for those doctors who have succumbed.

Pro-abortion advocates have said that they will "name and shame" the doctors who voted against abortion. Well, may their names be written in the Book of Life for their defence of the unborn: they will be shamed nor confounded.
As all this was happening, a number of people have said that RTE had pro-abortion doctors lined up to celebrate the moment - pro-life doctors were ignored.  When the decision of the IMO came the media was apparently stunned and they have been smarting since. 

If this is true, I would have to wonder why RTE is the sole beneficiary of the TV licence?  Why should I as a pro-life Catholic help to fill the coffers of an organisation that bashes my Church, misrepresents my sincerely held beliefs, and is an active, although sly, participant in the campaign to legalise the greatest crime against the innocent humanity ever known?   I have a TV so I have no choice but to pay the licence fee: I have no problem with that, but can I not expect an objective service for my money? 

Is it not time that we should let them earn their own money and have the licence fee either divided between the various media companies according to ratings, or put to some other use?  Given that the government is strapped for cash even suggesting they abolish the fee is probably a non-runner.  For one thing it would bring an end to the extravagant salaries some RTE employees are getting: salaries which are scandalous and way out of proportion for "personalities" in a tiny country, particularly when people are finding it difficult now to feed their families thanks to the burdensome taxes the government has imposed. 

The French rose up for less..... 

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