Sunday, October 23, 2011

St Vitalis Again

You may remember the St Vitalis affair a few months ago.  In one post I said that God would not be mocked, well I am not proportioning any blame to divine intervention, but in today's Sunday Independent we discover that the man who bought the relic of St Vitalis, a Billy Jamieson, a Canadian TV personality (pictured above), actually died on the day the deal for the relic was closed.  Interesting.  Regardless of it all, Lord have mercy on him. 

My posts on the affair:  The Case of St Vitalis, It Gets Worse, The Whole Truth.  The head does not belong to St Vitalis of Assisi - his remains are safe in Italy. If it is authentic it is probably the skull of a martyr.

UPDATE: I see from an article in the Meath Chronicle that the auctioneer, Damien Matthews is suggesting there may be a curse on the skull - hinting that the previous owners also died in mysterious circumstances.  Is this sensationalism a prelude to another publicity stunt masquerading as an auction?  What a tangled web.....

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  1. St Vitalis strikes back? I suppose, Father, if we are praying, we better remember the auctioneer, Damien Matthews, his role in the whole thing was unsavoury. If Vitalis is on the rampage, he had better watch out!