Thursday, October 6, 2011

RTE Apologises

RTE has issued a grovelling apology to Fr Kevin Reynolds just before this evening's Primetime programme.  The text of the apology can be found here.  I presume there will be a substantial settlement to accompany it.  The media coverage of this priest's unjust treatment has been paltry to say the least.  The media are very quick to get the accusations out, and they devote hours of television and radio time to following up on them, demonising the accused and dragging in every critic they can find.  But when the priest has been cleared, it rarely merits any better coverage than a short paragraph hidden away in the bowels of a newspaper. 

Reading some threads on this in the last few moments, one commenter said that despite this RTE would do the same again to someone else.  I am afraid I have to agree.  The media in Ireland today will not learn the lesson because most of the Catholics they liable tend not to sue - Fr Reynolds did

Perhaps if the Church decided to start taking legal action against journalists, then their attitude might change. Of course the Church would then be accused of hypocrisy for not turning the other cheek - our critics tend to like to get off by holding the Church to her teaching.  But you see, Jesus said forgive, turn the other cheek, but we also understand that making reparation for sin is a necessary part of forgiveness and reconciliation.   Interesting thoughts. 


  1. The false accusers ought also to be brought to justice.

  2. I agree Alf. But there seems to be little will to do so. False accusers know they are in a win win situation. Even if a priest is cleared there will always be a cloud hanging over him.

  3. RTE had no choice but to issue the apology and in the terms given. There will be no investigation or analysis by RTE or most of the other Irish print or broadcast Media as to why RTE decided to go ahead with such a damning programme with little evidence and continuous protestations of innocence by Fr Reynolds and an offer by him to undergo a paternity test. By any reasonable assessment, they were, at the very least, reckless as to the irreparable damage which would be caused to Fr Reynold's constitutional rights were the allegations to turn out to be false. All Catholics and people of goodwill ought to complain to the BCI and RTE re the programme makers AND the broadcaster. What sanctions against Prime Time staff and RTE, the national broadcaster, would be appropriate, do you think? Lynda

  4. Minister for Justice had a hand in the defamation as well - read my blog post