Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jim'll Fix It - Rest In Peace

For those who grew up in the eighties on this side of the pond, Jimmy Savile would be well known.  He was a disc jockey and presenter of the BBC's top music programme, Top of the Pops.  Jim, however, is more famous for his programme Jim'll Fix It where he fulfilled the dreams of many young people.  Today, sad news, Jimmy Savile was found dead in his home in Leeds - his death appears to be natural.   The end of an era of a whole generation of children - now we know we are getting old!

Jimmy Savile had an unusual style when it came to clothing, and he was renowned for his funny glasses and big cigar - all part of the image I suppose.  But he was good man who did a great deal of work, a lot of it hidden, for those in need.  For his charitable work the Queen of England knighted him in 1990.   Jimmy was also a Catholic, and for his work, Blessed John Paul also knighted him, making him a Knight Commander of St Gregory.

For all his good work, may the Lord be kind to him.

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