Monday, October 31, 2011

Soft Target

Following on from the last post, I see Jerry Springer: The Opera, opens in Dublin this evening - they picked the right evening - Halloween.   I do not need, I think, to tell you about the show, the protests and the response from the producers - you have probably heard it all before as this production made its way around the world. 

There is always a tension between art and faith - healthy most of the time - I suppose some would say creative.  But when does art (or that which claims to be art) become truly offensive?  We Christians are used to seeing our faith pilloried and made fun of, and then it all being justified by those who see nothing wrong with desecrating our most cherished beliefs.   Now to be honest I am not offended by this show - I saw a bit of it on TV and let's just say it doesn't quite hit the mark - I think the poor unfortunates who wrote it need the controversy, it has little else going for it.

But here's an idea.  As I sat listening to the defenders of Jerry Springer: The Opera on the news this evening, I came up with an idea - a sequel, one which holds to the rules of equality and fairness: Jerry Springer: The Opera II, featuring Mohammad.   I will accept all their justifications and excuses when they do to other religions what they have done to ours.  So there you have it, a challenge: I dare you producers!  Let's see how brave you are.

I think I know what they would say to that. Christianity is a soft target, they get away with insulting Christians - they know they would not get away with insulting other faiths.  In the meantime we Christians should pray for those who persecute us, even those who take part in third rate productions.

UPDATEInteresting article here from the Iona Institute blog on freedom of speech and the Jerry Springer production.

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  1. There was also the recent disgraceful play in France which was protested at by some brave young Catholics.

    Ignoring the 'far-right' tag, you can read it here: