Friday, September 2, 2011

The Call To Arms

Gandalf leads the armies against the orcs at Helm's Deep

As I expected, David Quinn has responded to The Irish Times editorial yesterday. In his weekly column in the Irish Independent today, David argues against the proposed law and the Times's attack.  Excellent article, follow the link and read it.  

David points out that when US states tried to enact similiar laws they were defeated by a backlash of Catholic voters urged on by their bishops, and also by wiser heads in legislatures prevailing.  Well, we can only hope there is someone with common sense in the present coalition.  But we Catholics also need to get the forces ready, and time for our bishops to start rallying the troops. 

The Irish Times may not like the idea that, regardless of how we feel about our bishops and the scandals, we still want the state to respect our religious freedom and, yes, we will defend our sacred sacraments - we do have the right, under God and under the Constitution of this (once great) Republic to defend our Catholic faith.  This is something our secularist masters have forgotten - time to remind them. 


  1. I only hope that people will not be fooled into voting for laws that are sold as good but that are actually ways of attacking the Church and Family instead of protecting children.

  2. This once great republic? When exactly was this?