Thursday, September 8, 2011

Medjugorje Revelations

My colleague Caroline over at the St Genesius Blog has brought my attention to new information on Medjugorje.   Documents from the Communist era in the then Yugoslavia have revealed that the secret police tried everything they could to stop the phenomenon and discredit all those involved in it.  Both RomeReports and Vatican Insider have the story.  These documents have been handed over to the Vatican Commission dealing with the apparitions.  

It may be that if Rome finds the apparitions to be authentic, the discovery of these documents and the dastardly work of the Communist secret police may give the Bishop of Mostar room to reverse his opinion and accept Rome's judgement.  I note with interest that the alleged visionaries of Medjugorje faced a similiar trial as the little shepherds of Fatima and like them they refused to deny what was happening.  Food for thought.....

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