Monday, September 19, 2011

We're Safe For A While Yet...

We're safe for a while yet....the blood of St Januarius has liquefied.  This miracle occurs three times a year - or at least the people of Naples hopes it occurs - if it doesn't it spells disaster for the city. The last time it failed to liquefy was in 1980, later the city fell victim to a dreadful earthquake.  Why do I get the impression that this saint is not one to be messed with? 

St Januarius, with St Agatha, is one of the patrons of volcanic eruptions, much invoked in recent years by members of the Fraternity whenever we're packing the bags for another jaunt (read: pilgrimage).  He will be invoked again next year as we prepare for our Fifth Anniversary Pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi and Loreto, all going well and Icelandic volcanoes behave themselves.

It's great being a Catholic - so many Saints to invoke for all areas of life, and the odd miracle too. 

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