Thursday, March 3, 2011

Legal Interference

Following on from my post on the ruling in Britain discriminating against orthodox Christians I see William Oddie has an interesting article on the Catholic Herald website.  A good point Oddie makes, and it has been made by others over the last couple of days, and well worth noting, the judgement seems to take it upon itself to decide what Christians should believe.  Briefly: Christians that can be trusted with children are those who sign up to the gay agenda, Christians that cannot be trusted and are dangerous to the proper development of children are those who believe the orthodox teachings of Christianity.  Simply: Christians who dissent from the moral teachings of the Church they claim to be members of, are acceptable and good; Christians who strive to live these moral teachings are not.  By the way, replace "Christians" with "Jews", "Muslims", "Hindus" etc for a full understanding of this judgement. 

All of this is most interesting when we consider that debate between Hart and Devlin: "Can the law legislate for morality?" - every philosophy student's introduction to philosophical ethics.   It seems the law now decides not only what is moral, but what various religions should believe.  I am reminded of what one of our former government ministers said a few months ago: it is the law that decides what is right and wrong.  By the way Fr Finigan has an excellent reflection on the judgement, so if you missed it, have a look.

On another topic, Oddie reminds me of the Sandbaek Report which has since become law in the EU.  According to this law individual European countries are funding abortions abroad through their annual contributions to the foreign aid budget.  So as I pay my tax bill - getting bigger every day, I can console myself with the thought that as my country is going down the tubes my money (and yours) is heading off on the gravy plane to Europe from where it will make its way into the pockets of Planned Parenthood or another such organisation to help murder innocent children in developing countries (Margaret Sanger and the eugenicists would be delighted - finally, ethnic cleansing blessed by the authority and budgets of white European governments).  And interestingly, when you ask their Lordships on the benches around Europe, or our elected representatives, why we are being forced to support this abomination, you can't hear their answers for the sound of the crickets!

Rant over.  Time to pray, and indeed talk to our representatives.

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