Monday, March 7, 2011

Papal Visit To Ireland, June 2012?

Is Pope Benedict coming to Ireland to close the Eucharistic Congress in June 2012?  The Irish Independent is convinced he is.   Other news outlets are taking up the story, including the Belfast Telegraph.  Protests expected - no doubt about that.   Is it a good idea?  Perhaps.

For one thing it will provide an opportunity for victims of abuse to meet him and talk to him, and to actually see that he is not the unfeeling, evil ogre the press in Ireland and certain groups have made him out to be.  It will be a moment of healing for them and the Church in Ireland.  That is badly needed and can only be good.    It will also mean that the Congress organising committees will have to look again at their programme and exorcise certain elements, and a certain theologian, from their plans.  Recent conversations with many involved in the organisation over the last few weeks have only confirmed the truth of what I said in my last post on the Congress

Also, it might do something to push the Cause of the Venerable Matt Talbot who has been waiting in the wings for far too long.  There is a miracle, I believe, but I do not hear of anything being done about it.  As these things must remain secret, all I can say there is that a person who is known to me was mysteriously healed of a malignant tumour through Matt's intercession back in 2002. 

With reference to the last post: a Papal visit will ensure the corrected translation will be implemented as planned.  After all which Irish Bishop or MC wants to pop into the Papal tent before the Mass to explain to His Holiness that for the sake of sensitivity to senior priests the translation has been put on hold...... 

I think it would be a good idea if he came.   Only worry - RTE and print media's campaign of anti-Catholicism in preparation for the visit.   So we would have to endure that - but then a bit of penance in preparation for the visit would have its benefits.


  1. It would be great if Pope Benedict came to visit us, as we really are in bad need of help. Let's hope the humours are true. I got excited for a few seconds when I saw the headlines. I really think his personal presence could help in terms of healing and renewal.

    If a visit from our Holy Father can not help the Church in Ireland, then we must be beyond help.

  2. Oh I'm not looking forward to this! It'll be marred by protests.

  3. Fear not, dear Shane. Like you I too believe there will be protests. I am not naive enough to look to England and say things will turn out better than we expect as they did during the Papal visit there - for all their hostility the British have a civility which we Irish lack. I think given the present climate if Jesus Christ appeared on the streets in Dublin they would be throwing stones at him. But the presence of the Vicar of Christ will bring great hope to those working for the reform here and put the skids under the bishops. The Pope will also see first hand the irrationality of modern Ireland and that may help him when it comes to guiding the reform. We must pray for him and, if he comes, be among those who welcome him to our shores - welcome our spiritual Father to the bedsit we call home, and then listen to him. If he comes, Shane, he'll have a few very important things to say.... Corragio!!