Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Tide Is Turning

This is a video I would suggest you watch, CMR drew my attention to it and it deals with the US organisation, Students for Life.

A few thoughts.  I am impressed by the many organisations represented here, it reveals that the pro-life movement is a truly ecumenical movment, exposing the lie that the only pro-lifers are old fashioned Roman Catholics.

We also see that they are more pro-life than the previous one, for a number of reasons: three being - they are the survivors of the culture of death - as they think about that they begin to lament the deaths of the  children of their generation who have perished in the ideological battle against life.  Secondly, they are further away from the naive sexual revolution of the Sixties.  Thirdly, they can see the fruits of this culture of death and the sexual revolution and it is not a pretty picture, they see a wasteland and have discerned it is the result of an assault on the most sacred of all rights - the right to life.

There is also great hope here.  As the US seems to be coming out of the darkest period of its history, its own holocaust, we in Ireland seem to be entering into ours, as I have said before on this blog, our pro-life movements can learn a great deal from them.  One of the lessons we can learn is that fringe pro-life groups rarely have success - they perpetuate the bias in a pro-abortion culture that pro-lifers are right wing lunatics who resort to illegal and murderous means to push their agenda.  

Those who are committed to the pro-life movement must come together in a mainstream movement, or alliance of movements, putting differences aside and working towards the goal of a pro-life culture.  Hearts and minds must be changed - pro-abortion groups have won the support of politicans and judges because they appear to be rational and compassionate, and seem to have the support of the people.  Pro-lifers must learn from this and begin lobbying in a rational way.

I pray we will see the day when abortion is made illegal and clinics all over the world are dismantled, and the memory of those little ones who perished be remembered with regret and prayer.  I hope one day, in those countries where abortion is legal, national shrines will be constructed with an eternal flame to the memory of children who have died and written over the door of these monuments: "We Shall Remember Them" and "Never Again".  

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