Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Knew This Was Coming....

Do you remember a post I wrote a short time ago in reference to the Christian couple who were told they could not foster because they would not promote the homosexual lifestyle?  The subject of the post was that our society has crossed over the line and wondering if it is at all possible to turn back?  Well, another indication that the world is gone completely and utterly nuts, immoral and, yes, I will say it, satanic. 

Here is a news item dealing with what is referred to as Genetic Sexual Attraction.  What's that, I hear you say?  Well, put simply, in old fashioned, intolerant terms: incest.  It seems a father and daughter have conceived a child together and it also seems they are delighted with their relationship, putting their uncontrollable attraction to each other in terms of this "condition".  Read the article, lest you think I am a raving lunatic.   Apart from the whole situation being shocking, the tone of the article is worse - it seems to be sympathetic.  The father and daughter intend to continue their relationship and raise their child together. 

The last taboo is incest.  Already there are efforts being made in some quarters to pass over the boundary and work towards a more tolerant acceptance of close familial sexual relationships.  A number of months ago an unidentified Irish couple - a half-brother and sister, were making plans to marry and were intent on going through with it (their parents had had an extramarital affair, so the fact that the couple were half-siblings would not have been known).   

All of this is to be expected.  If we accept that men can marry men and women can marry women, and argue that once you love someone then everything is okay, then the flood gates have been opened to legitimise any sexual relationship, and that is what is happening.  There already is a movement among militant gays to abolish the age of consent to allow "intergenerational sexual relationships".  If that is successful we will see the legitimisation and institutionalisation of statutory rape and paedophilia - that will be ironic given recent Church scandals.

The most dazzling line in the whole article is: "We are not committing incest, but are victims of GSA".   To introduce abortion, pro-choice advocates used privacy, is the pro-incest lobby going to use the culture of victimhood?  


  1. I thought the last taboo was canibalism.

    Okay, so I agree with everything you've written, but for sake of completeness, there is something in the phenomenon of genetic sexual attraction. Not to justify resultant behaviour or to support allowing it, but to help explain it. It does seem to be the case that family members who do not grow up together can experience unusually strong sexual attraction when they meet, possibly because they see themselves in the other person but have none of the natural taboos that come from growing up with a sister who annoys you and steals your toys.

  2. The consequence of breaking down moral boundaries is devastating. Childhood sexual abuse is never justified and can result in problems that have very negative effects. In some cases there is tremendous lifelong suffering. Children need guidance and love in a safe environment, the adults should protect them. Incest is abuse, the adult is not a protector but a predator. The result is varying degrees of harm depending on the child's age, type and duration of abuse. The harm creates isolation, withdrawal, low self-esteem, psychological pain and other behavioral problems. There are feelings of shock, guilt, shame, anger, grief, confusion. They are at risk of developing a pattern of being abused in adulthood. Victims are blamed for the crimes committed against them as the perpetrator tries to rid himself of responsibility. Adult survivors will tell you there was nothing "natural" about it. They suffer from depression, post traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. They may have feelings of helplessness, rage, and a sense of being oppressed their whole lives. Healing sometimes comes only after years of working through very painful memories. Abuse victims feel robbed of their childhoods, many are unable to work or have families of their own. Some commit suicide because the experiences were too overwhelming. Certainly something evil or satanic happens as a result of childhood incest. Sometimes getting free of the demonic effects can be impossible. The abused child's sense of wonder changes and becomes a question of "why is this happening to me". God please help and bless the innocent children.