Sunday, May 26, 2013

To the Light of The Sun

Don Pino Puglisi

In 2005 a movie detailing the life of Blessed Pino Puglisi, Alla Luce Del Sole (To The Light Of The Sun) was released in Italy.  I am embedding the first in a series of extracts - one will lead to another if you want to watch it.  Be warned, it is gritty, as one would expect.  It will offer you a good insight into what Blessed Pino had to deal with. 
We sometimes forget that Saints were real people dealing with real problems - their sanctification is the triumph of grace.  One way of imagining the lives of the Saints is to see them facing life as we face it, but making better decisions than us, enduring with greater patience and trusting in God in a deeper way. 
Here's the movie.  Sit back and watch - it is Sunday, so you shouldn't be working.  Spend some of today with our new Blessed, and as you do ask him to pray for us poor priests who so often fall. 

I have ordered a copy of the movie and so hope to show it at the Dublin Film Club in the autumn.  Our next film, on the 18th June is Blood Money, a film on the abortion industry.  We then take a break until September.  Thanks to all who support the club.

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