Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ma And Pa

The story of Adam and Eve has created difficulties for many in recent years: how do we square it with the scientific explanation of the creation of the universe and the human race?   Does the scientific account contradict our faith?  Does our faith fly in the face of science? 
Well, the answer to both questions is no.  Blessed John Henry Newman did not have a problem with Charles Darwin's theory of evolution when he published his research.  As Victorian England was reeling and many were losing their faith, Blessed John Henry, a man of faith and reason, read Darwin and could reconcile it with the faith of the Church.  Blessed John Paul II did the same and told us that evolution and creation are not mutually exclusive.
So, how do we approach Adam and Eve, our first parents?  Well, Fr Dwight Longenecker has an excellent post that sums up what I believe and I recommend it as a good read and as an apologetic.

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