Monday, May 20, 2013

The Holy Name

The Irish have a dreadful habit of taking the Holy Name of Jesus and using it as an expletive.  For many it is a habit and they do so without thinking.  We need to regain veneration for this Holy Name, so perhaps we might ask our Saint today, the Saint of the Holy Name, St Bernardine of Siena, to pray for those who treat the Name so casually, or failing that to pop down out of heaven and deliver a good thump to the offender!  All is grace, as our Therese would say. 
Happy feast day.
PS: St Bernardine's writings are being studied at the moment to see if he might merit being declared a Doctor of the Church.  Now it seems to be taking a long time; perhaps when he's down he might deliver a few thumps to the dozing theologians and get them to speed up the work.

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