Friday, May 24, 2013

The Christians Are To Blame

For a minute I thought I was back in First century Rome and I was wandering through the burning embers of the city, but then I looked at the date on the newspaper - no, not AD 64, rather AD 2013.  It's not Nero, just the Irish Times being offensive to Christians...again.
The latest swipe is their headline on an article reporting on one of the Woolwich attackers.  I need not explain any further, I'll just quote the headline: "Man arrested for London killing from devoutly Christian family".  So we have "killing" and "devoutly Christian" jumping out at you - the Christians are to blame.
I'm sure the Irish Times will say that that was not their intention.  Well I say "rot" to that.  There were many ways to present this story and this is the way they chose, a way which implies, suggests, sneakily points the finger at devout Christians and I believe that is intentional. 
This is deeply offensive to Christians, it is snide, provocative and unprofessional.  It undermines the standards of journalistic integrity and objectivity.  And yes, it is now typical of the media in Ireland in general and of the Irish Times in particular. 
Aren't they lucky we Christians try to forgive and do not have jihad! 

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