Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday: Tomb of St Genesius

Solemn Mass of St Genesius in the Church of Santa Susanna, Termini, Rome, near the tomb of the martyr.  The relics of St Genesius were translated here in 1591 at the request of Princess Camilla Peretti, sister of the late Pope Sixtus V.  She was building a chapel in his memory, and though dedicated to St Laurence, the relics of the actor-martyr and Pope St Elutherius, also a martyr, were transfered here from the Church of San Giovanni della Pigna, near the Minerva.

Spiritual Exercise:

St Genesius, as we come in spirit to venerate your holy remains, we commend to you our prayers and our needs.  Give us a deep love for Jesus Christ, and a desire to change our hearts so to love him more.  Bless those who work in the theatrical and cinematic arts, intercede for their needs.  Those who far from God, touch their hearts and bring them to vision of the One who loved them into life.  O Blessed Genesius, as our brothers and sister come to your tomb to honour you, count us among them.  As we unite ourselves with the Holy Sacrifice offered in your church, come near to us and be our constant companion.  Amen.

Almighty Father, bless your children who today honour your martyr Genesius.  As he responded to grace and proclaimed your mercies for all the world to hear, bless them also with your merciful love.  Hear their prayers and grant them their needs.  Through the intercession of St Genesius, make their hearts a place where you may dwell.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen

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  1. Fr. thank you so much for posting today. The tomb and the flowers look so wonderful. Don't understand how you were able to do this when the Mass was at Rome was not so far away today but very near. I hope the rest of your trip is Holy,very enjoyable and fruitful. From me.