Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday: Assisi, Honouring St Francis

On Saturday we have Mass in the Basilica of St Francis, and on Sunday in the Basilica of St Mary of the Angels.  We visit various shrines, including the tomb of St Clare, patron of television.

We honour the poverello of Assisi - St Francis, who embraced poverty and littleness for the sake of Christ.  He wanted to decrease so Christ could increase.  Only as a peasant, as nothing could he hope to love Christ.  When he had nothing, then he could see that he could truly possess Christ, for now there was nothing in his way, nothing to stand between him and Christ.  Christ was then All to him.

Blessed Francis, look upon us with great tenderness and lead us along your way of poverty.  Help us die to ourselves, so we may follow Christ more closely and abandon ourselves to him.  Help us to strip ourselves naked of all possessions, all pride, all desires so to be embraced and clothed by Christ.  Amen.

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