Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holy Saturday: Awaiting The Resurrection

Today is Our Lady's day: with her we watch and pray, awaiting the Resurrection of her Son.  To be honest, in a parish there is very little waiting, things are very busy as we prepare for the Great Vigil this evening.  My parishioners have been doing various jobs to ensure the liturgy this evening is beautiful and fitting to greet the Risen Lord.  As I write, the parish church is being decorated with flowers.  I have just finished my homilies for tonight and tomorrow after running around like a headless chicken all day.  Guilty that I have not written a decent post, I'm taking a few minutes to drop you a line for Easter.   Next week will be as busy as we prepare for the pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi and Loreto.

There is a real sense of anticipation this year - Easter is a perfect time to begin the renewal of the Church in Ireland - many of us are hopeful.  There are great signs of renewal - the first shoots. We will pray that these shoots will grow.  Recent developments are reassuring, particularly the Holy See's beginning to deal with those who have been undermining faith here for decades - this is good.  For too long faithful priests in this country have tried to teach the fullness of the Catholic faith only to be undermined by those who reject it.  We must pray for conversion of hearts.  The usual suspects, I see, are reacting badly and attacking the Holy Father. 

In other news Cardinal O'Brien is encouraging Christians to wear crosses as a symbol of their faith.  As attempts to drive Christianity from the public square continue apace, we must not hide away.  True.  May the grace of this holy season give us all the grace and courage to proclaim our faith in these times.

Right, back to work.  Every blessing for Easter.  Pray for me this Easter, as I remember you all in my prayers.

Laudetur Iesus Christus!

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  1. I agree.

    The usual suspects are especially those in high places of learning eg. mater dei institute. The celtic tiger is still roaring there where high salaries are paid and all you have to do as a lecturer is to improvise your own private little church on the foundations of Rahner, Kueng & CO and fail those students that do not follow.