Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday: Tombs of St Peter and Blessed John Paul II

This morning, coming to St Peter's Basilica, we honour St Peter, coming "ad limina" to his tomb, and for the first time since his beatification we come to the tomb of our Fraternity's co patron, Blessed John Paul II.

On this rock, Christ has built his Church - this rock is Simon Peter, the fisherman, a weak man, one who denied the Lord three times at a moment when Christ needed him most.  But for all his mistakes, Peter loved Christ, and this love made him worthy of being the rock.  In this Easter season, as we read from the Acts of the Apostles we are astonished at the transformation which has taken place in Peter.  Now, thanks to the grace the Risen Christ conferred on him, and thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit, this rock is solid, determined and devoted: nothing will stop him.  Such determination for the mission and love for Christ should be desired by all Christians and especially those of us in the Fraternity.

O Blessed Peter, rock on which Christ built his Church, watch over the flock now as you did in life.  Inspire us with your love for the Saviour, and help us to overcome our weaknesses by prayer, penance and generous co-operation with the grace of God.  Amen.

In Blessed John Paul II we see a worthy successor of Peter, a Pontiff who merits the title "Great" for his work.  A mystic, he was ever practical.  Though not perfect, his love for Christ and his people urged him on to heroism in face of tyranny as priest, bishop and pope.  In his zeal for a New Evangelisation, he inspires us to push out into the deep and proclaim anew the Gospel for Christ.  May he help us in the Fraternity to fulfil his desire to bring Christ to every corner of the world.

Blessed Pope John Paul, pray for our Fraternity, and guide us in our work as we seek, through prayer and sacrifice, to assist the men and women of the theatrical and cinematic arts, and to be of service to the Church in the New Evangelisation.   United with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and the prayers of our Holy Mother Mary, pray that we may we offer ourselves more generously as a sacrifice acceptable to the Father for the sake of our brothers and sisters. Pray that they may come to know, love and proclaim Christ and his Gospel to the people of our time and, in the life to come, share eternal life with you, St Genesius and all the saints.    Amen.

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