Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Two things, as a dear friend of mine would say.  The first is the news that Cardinal Dolan has signed the "Unacceptable" letter which rejects Barack's Obama HHS Mandate.  You can view the letter and its latest signatories here.  Note that those who signed it are not "fundamentalist Catholics", but rather people from all walks of life and numerous religions, Christian and non-Christian.

The HHS Mandate is not about contraception - it is about undermining religious freedom.    And this issue is just as important to Ireland and the rest of the world as it is to the US because if the "land of the free" undermines religious freedom, other countries may well follow suit.  I could see our own lot, who are cutting and pasting a healthcare plan at the moment, doing the same thing.

Secondly, a post from Fr Z.  We all know that the secularists, atheists, Democrats and liberal Catholics have been attacking Republican Rick Santorum as he attempts to get the nomination to go forward in the US Presidential election later this year.   He is a man of faith and an orthodox Catholic and that just sends some people into outer space with rage.  Anyway, lest you think that all attacks on the man and his Catholic faith are modern and sophisticated, think again.  Here is a piece written by Larry Doyle on the Huffington Post. Read it and pray for the man. 


  1. Perhaps Mr Doyle was attempting to satirise bigoted, pseudo-intellectual, post-Catholic, ethnically Irish, social commentators??!! If so, he did a very good job of revealing their raving, irrational hatred and their utter lack of knowledge, of the Catholic faith! I think Mr Doyle should get a prize! I see he is described as a humorist.

  2. Why does the media in this country think that all The Irish living in The US are supporters of Obama? 7 of my sibligs live in the US and none of them have voted for Obama,and hope he will lose the coming election.
    His visit here was a sham! now he wants the American Companies to relocate back to the US.