Monday, February 27, 2012

Mother Dolores Hits Tinsel Town

As you all know, no doubt, Mother Dolores Hart, once an actress who worked with some of Hollywood's leading men, Montgomery Clift, Stephen Boyd, Robert Wagner and Elvis among them, and now a Benedictine nun, was at the Oscars last night.  A documentary dealing with her life was nominated for a gong, and so Mother Dolores got permission to attend the ceremony in LA. 

What a wonderful example!  A Benedictine nun in full habit walking down the red carpet - there's witness for you!  She was radiant - the most beautiful woman there I think, as her life of prayer and dedication to Christ shine through her eyes and her whole demeanour. 

As members of the Fraternity we should be delighted with this: a most obvious witness to the Christian faith in the midst of the glitz and glamour.  I hope her presence touched some of those in the business, not only as a challenge, but as a reminder that Christ is everywhere, seeking to reach out to everyone, even those dolled up for the gongs.

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