Friday, February 24, 2012

Msgr Giussani's Cause: The Whinging Begins

I was going to leave blogging for the weekend, but I have an update to the opening of the Cause of Msgr Giussani which I would like to share with you: the resistance has begun, it seems.

The London Independent has the story, and, strangely, juxtaposes the opening of the Cause with the Holy Father's recent speech about the need for more humility and less hunger for power.  They are implying that one contradicts the other. 

Describing Msgr Giussani as anti-Marxist we are told that even "moderate Catholic groups" oppose the aims of the movement he founded.  I wonder what they mean by "moderate Catholic groups" - I presume We Are Church would be one of them for the critics of C&L.  According to the article above, Giussani and his movement are dangerous because they oppose stem cell research (by which they mean embryonic stem cell) and "assisted dying" (by which they mean helping something commit suicide or, if they are unable to do so, killing them).  They describe this as a right wing agenda. They also try to make him a buddy of Berlusconi.  Interestingly they are raising the same sort of objections they have thrown at St Josemaria Escriva for years.

Well people, that should get us all praying for Msgr Giussani's beatification: if the Marxist liberals are spitting venom, then this man will be a great saint indeed.  He might even be a patron and intercessor for the faithful as they continue to endure the whining and hand-wringing of dissidents who want to twist the Gospel into Marx's table talk and have little or no respect for vulnerable human life.  We need such a patron in these times!

Right, get your pens ready and write to Communion and Liberation for a prayer card, and start sending those petitions!   I'm off to buy another one of the holy man's books - he can be a tough read!  But then once you've tried to tackle von Balthasar, you're game for anything!

Communion and Liberation website here, contact your local group for information.

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  1. It is as you say. Msgr Escriva must have been a powerful instrument against evil. He has managed to rebuild to some extent the living cathedral that is the church. The war is not over but very far off and very dim, light has appeared at the end of a very dark tunnel.