Thursday, February 16, 2012

Student Revolt

You may remember a post a while ago in which I reported that the Student's Union of University College London had alligned itself with Abortion Rights and was compelling pro-life groups to invite pro-abortion speakers to their talks to even things up.  Post here.

Well, the pro-life students are not standing for it: they are defying the demand, and will take legal action against the Union if they have to.  With all guns blazing, the students are quoting the European Covention of Human Rights to push their case.

Well done to them.  As a retired principal tells me, with many years of experience in teaching and schoolyard management, there is only one way to deal with a bully- stand up to him, and usually when you do, they back away because many bullies are cowards.   Wise words.

Another update on the HHS mandate in the US. Not only are religious groups taking action, now civil officials are considering challenging the mandate on the grounds that it breaches the US Constitution.  I think Mr Obama needs to reverse as soon as possible.  Opposition is growing.  He has his few liberals around him supporting him, nominal Catholics among them, but I think this is a fight which he will not win.  Indeed he may find himself going down in history as a President who sought to destroy the freedom of the American people, a principle the American people hold dear and pride themselves as holding sacred.  If he's not careful the name Barak Obama could carry the same connotations as that of Benedict Arnold.

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