Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Black List?

Maria Casado, holder of the UNESCO Chair of Bioethics, at the University of Barcelona: she likes compiling lists

Here's an interesting article from Spain.  It seems experts in UNESCO are looking to have a list compiled of all doctors who refuse, on grounds of conscience, to perform abortions.  They say it is to guarantee the health of women - the usual mantra.  For some strange reason the Nazi's lists of Jewish Germans comes to mind.  I remember that scene in Schindler's List, when Jewish individuals were being booked into the ghetto in Krakow and being ticked off a list.

Anyway, here's an interesting quotation from the article, referencing the intentions of the lady, Maria Casado, who holds the UNESCO chair of Bioethics at the University of Barcelona, who wants to compile this list:
[Maria] Casado said that while she upholds doctors’ rights to conscientious objection, the main idea is to “respect rights in a democratic society” – women’s rights as well as doctors’ rights. This means conscientious objection should have a clear framework: doctors should make their position known before entering an operating theater, she said, and should not be allowed to exert their right when “the woman’s health is in danger.”
All very democratic and fair, isn't it?  It really is an unfortunate thing that little babies are being torn apart and killed in the midst of all this.  Or is that being unfair to Ms Casado and her friends?

Of course, there is another list being compiled: it's called the Book of Life, and we are told that those who commit evils such as abortion, will not feature on that list - they are on another list entirely.  I wonder if Ms Casado and all those who have an undemocratic power over the lives of vulnerable children realise that as they labour to maintain the facade of respectability covering the holocaust of the unborn, that the day will come (perhaps sooner that they think) when they will have to stand before God with the blood of the innocent on their hands and try and justify their actions?  They will do so before a vast crowd of accusers - the Souls of very children who perished in their clinics.

Perhaps a brief reflection on that will distract them from black listing men and women of good conscience who strive, in obedience to their sacred oath as physicians, to protect life and not destroy it.

In other, not entirely unrelated news, prosecutors in Philadelphia have submitted a request to Montgomery County Coroner to have the body of the late Cardinal Bevilaqua exhumed and examined to see if he had been murdered.  He was due to give evidence at a child endangerment trial next month, but the grim reaper turned up unexpectedly.  They fear that the reaper may have been human rather than preternatural.  (Dan Brown's Bank Manager must getting excited!).  

The poor Cardinal was quite ill.  Though he was judged to be fit to testify, it seems he was suffering from demenia and cancer.  The reason for the suspicions: "The timing "struck many of us as odd, as peculiar," the district attorney said."   Yes, death can come unexpectedly.   A timely reminder to all of us.

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  1. The same idolising of the power to kill innocent human beings - in this case, so-called "abortion" - is fluorishing in political circles in this country. This is what is behind the push by the Government to capitalise on the irrational (insofar as it held against Ireland, on one claim) judgment of the ECHR in the ABC case. The setting up of the "expert" committee is a farce - the constitutional, legal, moral and factual issues are clear. The intentional killing of children from their beginning to their birth is always wrong, and necessarily unlawful. Ireland has had the lowest maternal deaths in the world for three decades - a fact which is not unconnected to the respect for the lives of both mother and baby, in Irish medicine. The constant attempt to fudge the issue of abortion (as intentional killing of the unborn child) with the wholly unrelated area of valid and lawful medical treatment that may indirectly and unintentionally cause the death of a baby who cannot be saved, is a great lie and fraud upon the People. The setting up of the "expert" Committee is all part of this conflation of two wholly unrelated matters with the intention of confusing people into thinking abortion has some role in medicine, and women's health, when the very opposite is true. Members of this Committee are known to have sought the legalisation of abortion in Ireland for years, and have shown a clear disregard for the natural and constitutional right to life of all persons prior to birth. And for the most part, people appear to have been intimidated or confused into silence, and are not standing up against this terrible lie. There were fewer than thirty people outside the Dail yesterday to protest against the attempts to hide the truth from the People and to legalise the intentional killing of the unborn. The basis on which this is being attempted is a whole tissue of lies. Abortion is not medicine, it is anti-medicine. It kills an innocent, defenceless baby, and endangers the health and the life of the mother. A great number of women have permanent, physical damage done, such as perforation of uterus, bowel, infertility, etc. And many women die as a result of this inherently dangerous and unnecessary "surgery". Many who have come out of that evil "industry" have attested to how the cause of these deaths are covered up (usually the woman dies in a hospital, and no mention is made in official documentation that the woman had an abortion, which caused the bleeding or other proximate cause of death). The psychological damage caused to the mother by abortion is widespread - and also to the father, and other family members. Truth is always the first victim, where there is an intention to purport to make lawful that which by its nature can never be lawful.