Monday, August 8, 2011

A Time To Pray

There were more revelations about David Norris in yesterday's newspapers.  Both the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Times released more information on the senator's life and work in promoting homosexualism and its attendant fetishes.  The whole story is getting even more sordid and disgusting, see David Quinn's blog for a good summary.  I was tipped off to these stories by a friend, so I watched the news last night and listened to the radio news, but not a dickie bird: RTE have conveniently ignored these new revelations which, to be honest, are very serious.  Typical Soviet-style journalism: keep them in the dark and feed them only what we want them to know.

These recent revelations, and I believe there are more even more shocking ones to come, reveal a man who is, in my opinion, very disturbed and badly in need of help.   Even a victim of abuse has gone on record in the Mail on Sunday saying he needs help.  Prayer should be part of that, so we must really keep David Norris in our prayers - whatever wound he carries in his life, it seems to be deep and painful seeing as he harboured a desire as a child to be molested. There is more to be gained by turning a heart than attacking in controversy - that is the Christian way.  David Norris has many natural gifts and talents and he can be a very affable and entertaining man: grace can do a lot with such natural gifts.  If Oscar Wilde can turn, and he did, dying as a Catholic repentant for the sins of his life, so can Norris.

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  1. A commendably charitable post on an unpleasant topic.