Saturday, August 20, 2011

Novena 2011 Day 4

In his farce, Genesius was playing the part of an old sick man crying out for baptism.  "I wish to receive the grace of Christ" his character proclaimed, "through which I may be reborn and freed from the ruin of my iniquities".  Commentators have seen that Genesius was not entirely in his role when uttering these words, but rather revealing the desire which was in his heart.    He would have learned something about grace in his instruction with the Christians, particularly the grace of baptism through which we are reborn into the life of Jesus Christ.  In all our hearts there is the desire to be set free from the ruin of our iniquities - the fruit of original sin which we see every day.  Knowing this, Jesus has given us the sacraments, through which he pours grace into our lives to renew us, strengthen us and transform us.  As his followers we must make use of these channels of grace for in them we encounter Christ.  In these days of the novena, under the inspiration of our actor saint, we give thanks for the sacraments and if we have fallen away from any of them, particularly confession, return to them.

Novena Prayer.   Our Father.    Hail Mary.    Glory be.

St Genesius, pray for us

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