Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Arrival

"Speak of the devil and he will appear" - perhaps not the most appropriate expression, but it fits: having posted on the arrival of the new Missal down with Fr Burke in Cloyne, it has also made its appearance in Rathkenny. 

As I was having breakfast after Mass the doorbell rings and a young courier is standing smiling at the front door with three brown boxes: "I'm visitin' all the priests today," he says.  The Tertio Ed en Anglais has come.  

Structurally not as bad as I thought, functional though with a nod in the direction of beauty, but the four colour plates are not good.  At first glance CTS is still far superior.  I will get some time later for a better look.  But at least I am happy to finally have the new translation: it has been a difficult birth, and I fear the difficulties may not be over.  Come the 11th September Pere Hogan will be ready.

But....what to do with the old Missals??  Fr Z (peace be upon him), has a few ideas.  

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  1. My suggestion is keep at least one copy for historical purposes and if you do not keep all copies, the traditional manner of disposing of them is to burn them and then place the ashes in the ground.
    By the way sorry for ruining your day yesterday!