Sunday, August 21, 2011

Novena 2011 Day 5

"Who do the people say I am?"  Jesus asks this question of his apostles before he comes to ask them who they think he is.  The Lord wants to see if it has dawned on them yet that is the promised Messiah.  The people do not yet know - Elijah, John the Baptist, one of the prophets come back from the dead. But Peter knows, Peter believes and he confesses his faith in Jesus: "You are the Christ" he says.  He, like the others, has yet to come to know who the Christ is, but he knows that the one standing before him is the Son of the Living God.   As we read the Acts of St Genesius we hear a similar declaration of faith in Jesus Christ.  Addressing Diocletian, the actor says: "Now, therefore, distinguished Emperor, and all you peoples who laugh at these mysteries, join me in believing that Christ is the true Lord, that he is Light, that he is Truth, that he is Love, and that through him you can attain forgiveness."    Like Peter, it was not flesh and blood which revealed this truth to Genesius, it was God himself.  So too with all of us.  If we wish to know who Jesus Christ is, we must open our hearts to the work of the Holy Spirit.  Ultimately it is in the context of a personal relationship that Jesus reveals himself to us - that is why he puts such an important emphasis on faith.  May that faith be ours.  "Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief."

Novena Prayer.   Our Father.     Hail Mary.   Glory be.

St Genesius, pray for us

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