Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Novena 2011 Day 8

According to the legend and the Acts, Genesius, having defended the faith, was handed over to the prefect by the emperor, who in turn handed him over to the torturers "to be given a very cruel beating with clubs, to compel him to offer sacrifice. He was hung on a rack and tortured by being torn with claws for a very long time; he was even set on fire with torches".    His martyrdom begins with this physical trial.  Though this was inflicted upon Genesius, suffering will have its place in all of our lives - none of us will escape it, it is part of life on this earth.  As the martyrs understood, it is the passion and death of Jesus which now gives significance to our suffering, and it is through the Lord's sufferings we are given the grace to endure.  Through the intercession of St Genesuis, may the Lord grant us and all who suffer this grace.

Novena Prayer.   Our Father.   Hail Mary.   Glory be.

St Genesius, pray for us

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