Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Issue of Life: Election Issue

This Election....Life is in your hands!

My colleague over at the St Genesius blog drew my attention to this article by David Quinn.   You may remember I had remarked in an earlier post on our local Labour candidate canvasing outside one of our churches a couple of weeks ago.  David is as disturbed as I am.  

As a priest I cannot be political, but I can advise my flock on moral issues.  I cannot advise my flock on how to vote, but I can remind them of the Gospel of Life and how that must form their conscience and their opinion of a candidate and a party, and that they as Christians must choose life, and so choose those who support life and not destroy it.  The issue of Life IS an election issue.  To my readers in Ireland - spread the word,.  To my readers around the world, please pray for Ireland.

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