Saturday, February 5, 2011

Competition To Rite A Review

Don't forget our little competition below for a review of Fraternity actor Colin O'Donoghue's new movie The Rite.  If you have seen the movie (go and see it!), write a review of about 600 words and sent it to me at  The best review will be published in an issue of our newsletter Fraternitas and the winner will get a prize!  Closing date: 9th March.


  1. This is discrimination as the movie won't open in Ireland until after the closing date for the competition. Only Americans need apply.

  2. Americans, Canadians, Egypt and the Philippines actually. The idea was to have a review for our European readers before it came out so they would have the benefit of it before seeing the movie for the Spring issue of Fraternitas. But point taken. Movie opens on the 25th February, so I'll extend the closing date to the 9th March. I will expect a review from you Anonymous with your name and postal address, you might be in with a chance.

  3. Well apparently the two main characters in it - one is completely over-acted and the other, somewhat under.

    One could say "Two wrongs don't make a Rite"