Sunday, February 20, 2011

"The Rite" Premiere

Tonight sees the European Premiere of The Rite in the Savoy Cinema, O'Connell Street, Dublin.  The movie will go on general release in Ireland and the UK from Friday next - so go and see it. 

Warner Brothers have kindly given the Fraternity tickets to the premiere and the bash afterwards, so Father Director here will be getting the extra big starched collar on to walk the red carpet.  Pray I do not fall into temptation!  We got two tickets, so we had a raffle for the second and who won but the Lady of the Blogs herself, Caroline over the St Genesius Blog.  I have told her to bring a big handbag for all the St Genesius prayer cards!

I hope it is a great night for Colin.  He has had the triumph of the World Premiere in LA, but there is always something special about your home country.   In the meantime, the movie is getting lots of good reviews, and what I am happy to see, the Catholic blogosphere is impressed with the treatment of exorcism and the Church in general: we shall see tonight.   I hope this is another positive factor which will help develop better relations between Hollywood and the Church.  For this we pray!

Don't forget our competition to write a review: closing date 9th March.  Open to all readers of this blog anywhere in the world; only condition: you have had to see the movie.

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