Sunday, January 30, 2011

Land Grab

I spotted my first politician on the campaign trail this morning.  It was a Labour councillor standing outside my church pushing his leaflets on my parishioners as they came out from Mass.  Do I sound miffed?  Well I am. 

I do not believe political parties should be cornering people when they come out from Mass and I certainly do not want to see the likes of Labour who despise our Catholic faith and are committed to legalising the murder of innocent Irish children, politicking outside a Catholic church.  "The nerve", I said to myself - they crucify our Church, work against our cherished beliefs and, steeped in the culture of death, proclaim Christian teaching on the sanctity of life to be oppressive, but then descend on our sacred gatherings touting for votes.  They seem not to have the wherewithal to realise how inappropriate and offensive that is.   But then, as history teaches us, socialism and communism never worried about such things.

The outcome?  Mr Labour councillor was gone before I could get out to send him packing - he probably saw the fire in my eyes from the distance.   Good that he was, I was already in a rage - some decent individual cleared out our heating oil over the weekend, so we were all in the cold asking God for the grace to forgive.  There are a lot of robberies around the parish lately.  Anyway, good news: a new statue of Our Lady, gift of an anonymous donor, was enthroned in our Adoration Chapel.  May she watch over us and help us in the important decisions which lie ahead - and may she help us keep abortion out of Ireland.

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