Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Deed Is Done...

 A friend of mine just sent me a text:
"Well, the deed is done. 31 opposed, 6 of them because it wouldn't kill enough babies.  So only 25 prolife TDs. Amazing."
The Bill now goes before the Senate, which will, no doubt, pass it in the same manner as the Dail - the government has a majority there and the whip will be imposed.  Then it goes to the President.  As he is a Labour president who was no friend of the pro-life cause when he was a TD himself, he may well sign the Bill quickly, introducing it into law. And abortions will begin.  Enda Kenny, will get his wish:  abortions beginning over the summer.
This is a sad day for Ireland.  But the battle is only beginning - in the legislature, in the courts, on the streets, in the hearts of the Irish.

Let us pray for the pro-life cause, for the children whose lives are now in immediate danger.  And for those TDs tonight who voted for this bill.  The Catholics among them are now no longer eligible to receive the Eucharist until they publicly repent of the evil they have done. And pray for our bishops and priests: that they may have the courage to do what the law of the Church requires.

I wish to thank and congratulate Lucinda Creighton and the other twenty-four TDs who opposed this Bill, many of them now suffering for their stand.  They are men and women of integrity and represent all that is good in Ireland and in the political profession.  As their colleagues have gone bad, they refused to violate their conscience when tempted, browbeaten and even threatened.  They are an example to us all: may God bless them this night.  Pro-life people, do not forget these TDs.

Now, time for bed.  Tomorrow is a new day, and the fight continues.  As Blessed John Paul II told us in life and now tells us from heaven: Do not be afraid!  God is on our side! 

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  1. And on the Twelfth of July. Enda-life Kenny is the new King Billy! (except this time not supported by the Pope).